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Plans, members, billing intervals. The amount you pay for Notion is a combination of these variables. We're here to help you understand exactly what you're paying for and how to track this in your invoices 🧾

To see all of the invoices you've received and paid for a workspace:

  • Go to Settings & members in your left-hand sidebar.

  • Click Billing in the sidebar of that window.

  • Under Invoices, you'll see all of your current and past invoices dated accordingly.

    • If you haven't paid it yet, it will say Due.

    • If you have paid the invoice, it will say Paid.

    • If you had enough credit earned to cover the invoice, it will say Credited. (You'll see your balance of credits remaining in parentheses.)

    • If a payment attempt was made but failed, the invoice will be labeled Failed.

  • Click on View invoice to see a copy of your invoice and itemized breakdown.

  • Look at Workspace balance for the total of your next invoice.

Note: Starting on February 15, 2024, all valid billing credits will expire six months from the date they are generated. Once credits have expired, they can’t be reinstated.

We know we've used the word 'prorate' a lot, so we want to provide some more context. We adjust the amount we bill you so you only pay for what you're getting and for the time you're getting it. So:

  • For new members, you only pay for the fraction of the billing interval that they belonged to your workspace. The same goes for removed members.

  • If you switch from monthly to yearly billing, you get the discount for the amount of time left in your monthly billing interval.

Our system does a lot of multiplication to get to these numbers. It takes the percentage of time left in your billing interval when you made a change, and multiplies that by the charges for the new members you added (as one example).

Because you pay at the beginning of every billing interval, these charges (or credits) for changes made in the middle need to be added retroactively to your next invoice.

Phew! Hope that helps!

How you're billed for adding members

Regardless of whether you're paying yearly or monthly, our system reviews how many members you've added on a monthly basis.

  • For each member, we look at when during your billing interval they were added. You do not get charged for the time they didn't belong to your workspace.

  • You're billed retroactively on a prorated basis, depending on the time they did belong to your workspace. Here's how this works:

  • On a monthly plan, this means you get your regular monthly invoice billing you for the month ahead (including new members), but it will also include retroactive prorated charges for the member(s) you added during your last billing interval. Here's an example of this in action:

  • On a yearly plan, this means you'll receive an invoice at the next month mark (on the same calendar date you bought your plan) that will include two things:

    • The amount due for each new member for the remainder of your year-long plan.

    • Retroactive charges for those new members prorated based on the amount of time they've belonged to your workspace.

    • Here's an example of what this might look like for a whole company or large team:

Note: If you’re on a Plus, Business or Enterprise Plan, every new member that’s added or joins represents an additional charge, starting immediately.

How you're billed after removing members

Same as adding members, our system will register that you've removed members on a monthly basis.

  • For each member removed, we'll credit you a prorated amount for the time they did not belong to your workspace. You'll only be charged for the time they did belong.

  • These credits will be immediately applied to the amount due in your next billing interval.

  • On a monthly plan, this means you'll see credits applied to the amount due on your regular monthly invoice.

  • On a yearly plan, this means we'll store credits for you until your next renewal date, and they'll be applied then. You'll see that on your next annual invoice.

There are several reasons this happens. Usually, this is because some change was made to your plan, number of members, or billing interval in between invoices (or maybe all three!), and we prorated the amount due accordingly:

  • You've added or subtracted members from your workspace during the billing interval.

    • For every new member who joins on your yearly Plus, Business, or Enterprise Plan, you'll be charged for an entire year of Notion for them.

  • You changed your billing interval from monthly to annual, or vice versa.

  • You upgraded your plan during a billing interval. In this case, we charge you your previous rate for the time you had that plan, and your new rate for the time you had your upgraded plan. It's a blend of both!

  • We've credited your account because you've removed members from your workspace.

  • You've applied earned credits (like from referrals) to your balance due.

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