Notion 2.21: Notion AI, for everyone

Try Notion AI for free

No more waitlist, no “limited preview.” That means you can start to leverage the power of AI right inside Notion, across all your existing docs and notes—today.

Use Notion AI to augment your capabilities in new and unexpected ways. Just open any Notion page, and give these a try:

  • Generate an instant summary from a page of messy notes. Start a new line, hit space on your keyboard, then select “Summarize.”

  • Become a more effective communicator. Highlight a paragraph you wrote, click “Ask AI” in the toolbar that appears, and select “Improve writing.”

  • Approach projects with new creativity. Create a new page, click “Start writing with AI,” and ask it to list pros & cons of a decision you’re considering.

Nearly two million people signed up for the alpha waitlist ten weeks ago. Now, Notion AI is completely redesigned based on feedback and testing. Go to any Notion page and hit space to see for yourself.

Add unlimited Notion AI to any plan

Since launching the invite-only ALPHA, people have been testing Notion AI across every manner of workflow, from writing more effective documentation at work, to meal planning at home. Now, it’s available to everyone—whether you have an existing workspace full of notes, or you’re brand new to Notion, AI can be added to any plan.

  • Try Notion AI for free. You’ll get 20 free AI responses per member in your workspace. Promotion ends April 5, 2023.

  • Add to your workspace for $10 per member / month. For customers with annual billing, a 20% discount is available.

  • Use Notion AI as much as you need. No need to manage your plan or keep track of usage.

Perhaps the most exciting part of today’s launch is that for Notion AI, this is only the beginning. Using your feedback as our guiding light, we’ll continue to make Notion AI a better experience for you.

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